Marc Fitten is the author of two novels: Valeria’s Last Stand and Elza’s Kitchen. ┬áHe has been published in half a dozen languages and is a resident faculty member at the Yale Writers Conference.


  1. Barbara jennings · · Reply

    i just finished Valeria’s Last Stand. Very well written! Structure, plotting, character development-superb! I also liked the uplifting ending after all of the bottom-feeding of human behavior.

  2. valeria montgomery · · Reply

    Just finish reading Valeria’s last stand and I would recommend to everyone to read

  3. i got Valeria’s Last Stand for a Christmas gift, and loved it so much that I recommended it to my Southern Literature Book club, I know it doesn’t take place in the south, LOL, but I knew that Mr. Fitten was editor of the Chattahoochee Review, so I pushed the “southern” part, every one is reading it, and loving it. Cant wait tor read the next book!

  4. Marc, I love your Valeria’s Last Stand. Beautifully written, engaging, a window into human heart, mind and behavior. Is what we all know about little towns life; the values, the gossips, the simplicity, the yearning, the fears and as for in the rest of the world, and the search for a love.

    I will look for the other book, Elza’s Kitchen too. I am in Italy and noticed that there is an Italian version “L’Ultimo Amore di Valeria.” I’ll look for it to see if translation does right to it.

    Thanks for a beautiful book!

    1. Thank you. The fact that anybody takes time out of their day to send a note like this is amazing. I’d love to hear about the translation! I’m so glad you and others seemed to enjoy it.

  5. Patricia Dudenhoefer · · Reply

    Loved both of your Novel’s. Looking forward to your next story.

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