New Essay Out Now:

I’m happy to have an excerpt from a new series of travel essays included in the Letter to a Stranger section at Off Assignment, edited by Lenora Todaro.  I hope to place others soon.

Read it online:


Marc Fitten is the author of two novels: Valeria’s Last Stand and Elza’s Kitchen.  He has been published in half a dozen languages. He’s written for The New York Times and his books and selections have been published by Bloomsbury, DTV, Flammarion, Neri Pozza and Beacon Press. He is currently working on a third novel and a travelogue. He is a restless fellow who likes to travel, but you can keep up with him on Instagram.


  1. Barbara jennings · · Reply

    i just finished Valeria’s Last Stand. Very well written! Structure, plotting, character development-superb! I also liked the uplifting ending after all of the bottom-feeding of human behavior.

  2. valeria montgomery · · Reply

    Just finish reading Valeria’s last stand and I would recommend to everyone to read

  3. i got Valeria’s Last Stand for a Christmas gift, and loved it so much that I recommended it to my Southern Literature Book club, I know it doesn’t take place in the south, LOL, but I knew that Mr. Fitten was editor of the Chattahoochee Review, so I pushed the “southern” part, every one is reading it, and loving it. Cant wait tor read the next book!

  4. Marc, I love your Valeria’s Last Stand. Beautifully written, engaging, a window into human heart, mind and behavior. Is what we all know about little towns life; the values, the gossips, the simplicity, the yearning, the fears and as for in the rest of the world, and the search for a love.

    I will look for the other book, Elza’s Kitchen too. I am in Italy and noticed that there is an Italian version “L’Ultimo Amore di Valeria.” I’ll look for it to see if translation does right to it.

    Thanks for a beautiful book!

    1. Thank you. The fact that anybody takes time out of their day to send a note like this is amazing. I’d love to hear about the translation! I’m so glad you and others seemed to enjoy it.

  5. Patricia Dudenhoefer · · Reply

    Loved both of your Novel’s. Looking forward to your next story.

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